Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tobin Music System

I've just finished watching an amazing video of Candida Tobin's Music System.

In this video you will see Julie Hall, an excellent primary school classroom music teacher revising the music theory knowledge of 8 year old children. The children from an ordinary class at Bird's Bush Primary School in England are reading simple music, understanding melody and chords and composing as well.

Downloading the video requires having fast broadband, as the video is 26 minutes long and 160 odd megs! It is professionally produced and is a pleasure to watch.

Dame Evelyn Glennie is one of many professional musicians who endorse the scheme.

I read about it at the International Piano Teachers Group, which produces a weekly interesting newsletter based on emails received from people all over the world who teach guess what? [Hint: it's the king of the instruments, and rude people make jokes about its similarity to a body part.]


Julie Hall said...

Thank you David! How lovely of you to post such complimentary comments. I'm sorryto say that Candida is poorly in hospital. I just hope the UK wakes up and taes notice of her work before it is too late. If not I might be forced to take the system to a more forward thinking country like yours!
Do you know Candida has written an autobiography? It is called 'Lifting the Lid' and you will probably think all us Brits are totally potty when you read how badly Candida has been treated. At least she has a team of supporters behind her now but we need some more. She has lectured in Oz in the past and was always very well received there.
If anyone would like to know more please drop me an email at

Kind regards
Julie Hall

David McKay said...

Very sorry to ehar that Candida is not well and I hope she recovers soon.

Nice to hear from you, Julie.