Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Einstein Factor

At last I can blog about my appearance on ABC TV's Einstein Factor. Coincidentally, the episode in which my special subject was The Music of J S Bach was recorded on 21st March, Bach's birthday.

It was not nearly as nerve-wracking as I'd thought it would be. All of the staff were pleasant and made us feel at ease, and the questions on my special subject were so easy, I didn't clam up while I was answering them. But I wasn't fast enough to get through all fifteen questions.

It was fun to win, of course, but the highlight was getting a free trip from Bathurst, in western New South Wales, Australia to Melbourne, capital city of Victoria and being able to see my son Daniel and his wife Louise. Since they moved further south, we have not seen them as much, and we had never been down to visit them.

If you would like to see my Bach jokes, a few clicks on the above link will get you there.

And if you have a broadband account, you may even wish to download the video of Episode 19 and watch the program. Please tell me if you do.

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