Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tell me that you've heard every sound there is ...

Neil, of One Salient Oversight, says he celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper by listening to Revolver.

Hi Neil.

I was a Beatles fan from 1964. I eagerly awaited the arrival of each single [didn't know a lot about the albums].

My friend, Paul invited me over to listen to Beatles For Sale. I met Paul at a Christian Endeavour sports day. We were the kids sitting eating lollies while the other kids were running around. We saw each otehr after that at Christian Endeavour youth rallies and Tahlee Bible College camps.

Beatles For Sale is a much-maligned album, but I loved it, and I must admit that part of this is because I listened to it with Paul. Even if you like Beatles For Sale, you are supposed to say "But I don't like Mr Moonlight". But I did. I thought that conga drum and John's raver vocals and the organ were terrific.

Dunno how, but I missed Revolver. I heard Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine, but never knew that there was an album released in 1966 until 1968.

One day I saw a copy in a department store and wondered how I'd ever missed it.

Revolver is a superb album. Remember listening to it at Duncan's place in Belmont North.

But Greg's folks had a record player [3-in-one jobbie, I think] which had a big bass speaker, and when you heard the first notes of Taxman, after the little bit of studio chatter [added on later for effect], that low D boooomed.

I enjoyed every track on Revolver, but especially
Taxman - loved the crazy lyrics, and the way the PM and Leader of the Opposition were dragged into the song
I Want To Tell You - loved the weird harmony created by the persistent piano swung quavers
And Your Bird Can Sing - I was captivated by the 2 lead guitars playing that wonderful backing obbligato, as well as by the vocals
Good Day, Sunshine - it has lots of musically interesting features, including the great thumping piano accompaniment, the vocal harmony and modulation at the end of the song

Think I'll have to take up Neil's suggestion.

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