Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I love playing the piano!

OK, boys and girls, let's imagine an ideal world where every kid thinks like this:
This is my version of Helping Kids to Enjoy Playing which I call I love playing the piano!

I love playing the piano!


1. Mum and Dad love hearing me play.

2. I can play any time I want.

3. Mum comes and listens when I do my practice.

4. Dad asks me to play his favourites.

5. They never tell me to stop because they’re watching TV.

6. My piano sounds great. Dad gets it tuned every year.

7. Mum and Dad don’t nag me about how much time I spend practising.

8. I can play lots of stuff.

9. I have a great teacher and we have fun piano lessons.

10. I think the piano is the best instrument!

11. It is fun to tinker and make up my own stuff.

12. Sometimes I can work out how to play songs I heard on TV

13. I have a great practice room. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer.

14. My school teacher asks me to play in class concerts

15. I have fun things to play in our school band

16. I got a Highly Commended award at last year’s eisteddfod

17. The music examiner wrote an encouraging report for my last exam

David McKay


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