Monday, June 08, 2009

Name that tune

This is the complete music for a well-known 70s British comedy. Recognise it?


John said...

Hello David, I'm in England and get the IPTG Newsletter like you. Did this programme involve two characters called Frank and Betty?


David McKay said...

Hope your cat didn't do a whoopsie in your whatsit!

[We have watched all three series and he only says that twice... but it seems to be a catchcry everyone remembers.]

Great to hear from you.

John said...
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John said...

It's such a funny programme.

I've just looked at Wikipedia about it and found out something I never knew. Ronnie Hazlehurst (the composer)uses a piccolo to spell out the title of the Show using Morse Code as the rhythm for the melody. Very clever!

Edit: I've just looked at the score on your site again and can see how you have already written the dots and dashes. Well spotted.

David McKay said...

Hi John
I got the music from a bbc site, which had put in the Morse Code

Interesting way to compose a tune.

I heard that Villa Lobos composed one tune by making it match the shape of a photo of the New York skyline

Matthew said...

Wow, I didn't know that about the Morse Code. I suppose that's why the melody is somewhat uneven.
More on Morse Code: B is -... and the V is ...- : i.e. the motive and it's retrograde from the first movement of Beethoven V. A coincidence?

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