Sunday, March 18, 2007

Boning Up on Bach

I've spent the past month investigating J S Bach, having been selected to appear on the Australian television program, The Einstein Factor with The Music of J S Bach as my topic.

When Rachmaninov said that
Music is enough for a lifetime
But a lifetime is not enough for Music
he could have been speaking about the music of Bach. What a massive topic!

There are some excellent resources on the internet, including the Wikipedia article, The J S Bach Home Page, helpful biographical and other information at the Baroque Composers and Musicians Homepage, Tim Smith's wonderful Shockwave animations of the fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier and the superb Bach Cantatas Website.

I'm enjoying investigating this fascinating topic, but I wish I knew what kind of questions will be asked! I promise not to give out any information about the program, to be recorded on Bach's birthday, until after the broadcast.


Vaughan Smith said...

Hi David,
It is indeed me, Vaughan from Kinross. I've always felt bad about quitting piano in 2001 over the time I was spending playing it, considering I went on to spend about 3 hours a day playing guitar all the way through the HSC! I went on to study music performance at JMC in Sydney, and am now working until I settle into a theological degree. You are still at Kinross I'm guessing? How are things there?

Vaughan Smith said...

Yep. Rick is my uncle, he sharked Allie and me from Barneys in the city.

I wan't a Christian when I went to Kinross, I was really "putting it off" until I was older, not knowing that there really was an anvil and it could have dropped on my head at any time! I moved into the terraces in 2003 and God really used the people at church to get my rear in gear.

I can remember you talking about your son, isn't he the one who recorded that "Who Farted?" song, or something? Or maybe worked on the Home and Away song?